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Been a While..

Been a while, that I had forgotten how was it to miss somebody. Spending time with someone else today brought back the pain. Not that you were forgotten, nor that you are no longer required now, but my heart was made to accept that you'll never come back. Two years and counting, you never tried... Continue Reading →

Life is coming..

Life has undetermined ways of teaching us its leasons. Sometimes, these lessons are unavoidable to learn, and they leave us so barred of every feeling and every emotion, that we forget to believe in ourselves. These are one of those few things that life teaches in a very cruel way, and we are no longer... Continue Reading →

Brainless heart!!

It had been long that she was waiting now.. A bit angry.. A bit tensed.. She couldnt figure out why the time was going so slow.. Alone in the house... Tired of looking at the phone, she lost herself in music.. Her phone did vibrate.. Messages also beeped.. She was unaware. Finally the door bell... Continue Reading →

When you search for happiness.. Remember.. You are searching for yourself!

Pride, responsibility and self-sacrifice. I feel proud to be with a soldier. Carnage, disgrace and anti-human. I despise to be with the people who, in the name of religion, shed blood.  Along with the man-made boundaries that divide our planet, power and hatred walk the borders instead of peace. A thread to thousands of relations break... Continue Reading →

Blessed are the days when birds are happily chirping around, pleasing wind refreshing the flowers, sunshine blessing the lands, a bit of rain showers here and there, beautiful aroma of the brewing coffee and all those morning blues. A dog that eventually became your life. Early morning yoga and a healthy breakfast. Quick news updates... Continue Reading →

Some moments define the momentum of entire life. Sometimes the memories remain, while at times a certain hollowness created by them. In this busy life, either we work or we work, nothing else. But, out of the blues, when we get some time for ourselves, it dwells us to the times that touched our hearts... Continue Reading →

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